sarmat missile test: russia will fire a nuclear missile, maybe ash from a shot

Russia will test its new destructive missile amid continuing tensions with the United States and European countries. A Russian missile capable of hitting around 10,000 kilometers is capable of carrying nuclear warheads. The destructive capacity of this missile is measured from the fact that all of France can be destroyed all at once. The name of this intercontinental missile is RS-18 Sarmat. NATO countries call this killer missile the name of Satan-2. Let’s know everything about this Russian missile that caused the disaster …

RS-18 can carry 16 nuclear bombs simultaneously

The RS-18 missile can carry a single large thermonuclear bomb or 16 small nuclear bombs. Not only that, if the Russian security forces so desire, the nuclear nuclear bomb can be equipped with a thermonuclear bomb and can fire this missile. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, this missile can destroy the enemy’s air defense system due to its powerful capability. This missile weighs 100 tonnes and can strike up to 10 thousand km. One of his blows could turn the whole of France to ashes. The special thing about this missile is that each of its warheads can destroy different targets. The RS-18 missile will replace the SS-18 based on the Soviet design. The SS-18 is the heaviest intercontinental missile in the world.

“ The RS-18 missile test can take place at any time ”

Russia will test the missile at a time when Russia’s Defense Minister told the country’s President Vladimir Putin that the new hypersonic missile became operational after several tests in December. Russia has canceled the Sarmat missile on several occasions and Russian officials now say the missile will join Russia’s strategic missile force by 2022. Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexey Krivoruchko told the newspaper military that the RS-18 missile could be tested at any time. He said: “I would like to say that the Sarmat missile test is over and passed. In the near future, we will now do a flight test of the missile.

“No missile defense system can stop the way”

Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister said the Sarmat missile is so powerful that no missile can stop the defense weapon, no matter how modern. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said his ministry would build a test site in Siberia to test the Sarmat missile, according to the Tass news agency. Earlier in December, Sergeant Karakayev, Commander of Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces, said the Sarmat missile would be war-ready in 2022. Earlier, this missile was scheduled to enter service in 2020. In December of the year last, Russian President Putin confirmed that this missile was about to be ready.

RS-18 can carry 24 hypersonic missiles

The Russian Sarmat missile can carry 24 Avonguard hypersonic glider vehicles simultaneously. The Sarmat missile is capable of attacking from both the North Pole and the South Pole. Previously, Russia’s defense minister told Putin that the first hypersonic missile unit equipped with the Avonguard hypersonic glide vehicle was ready for war. Putin introduced the Avonguard missile to the world in March 2018. He said the Avanguard missile is so fast that it renders the enemy’s air defense system useless. Putin compared the success of the Avongarde missile to the first Russian satellite launched in 1957. The Avanguard missile strikes at a speed of 27 times the sound. It can travel 7,000 miles per hour.

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