SATECMA strengthens its CSR actions

SATECMA continues to take giant steps to consolidate its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy through its commitment to solidarity actions. In this sense, SATECMA has joined the UNICEF Spain Friendly PME program, which is aimed in particular at small and medium-sized enterprises with the desire to do their part to improve the conditions of populations at risk.

The objective of the program supported by SATECMA is to obtain funds which will be used mainly for the construction of schools in Africa, as well as to take measures to ensure the health and nutrition of children with less resources.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is having a great impact on the education of millions of children. Due to the closure of schools, many children in Africa do not receive their education, nor do they receive the water, medicine or food that they often do not have at home. In addition, most of them do not have access to documents or the Internet, which is so common in the West. For this reason, SATECMA supports the actions of UNICEF to reduce the impact of this health and educational crisis ”, underlines Omar Cuadrado Hernández, president of the company.

UNICEF recalls that due to COVID-19, 1.2 billion children have been affected by the closure of schools and 40 million children have been left without the possibility of attending preschools. The UNICEF campaign is structured around different axes so that the education crisis, caused by COVID-19, can be overcome as quickly as possible and that children receive their education and other services associated with schools. .

The program aims to guarantee quality education, with particular attention to orphaned, disabled, extremely poor boys and girls or girls who are denied access to education because of their gender. Likewise, it focuses on carrying out vaccination campaigns and preventing malnutrition, as well as water sanitation and access to drinking water, among other actions.

“SATECMA is providing, for yet another year, its full support to this UNICEF program, which is so necessary to guarantee all children access to quality education, as well as to provide them with medicines, food and food. drinking water, ”says José Luis Váquez Torres, CEO of the company.

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