satellite drone launch: the largest drone in the world to launch the satellite: the satellite will launch the world’s largest drone

Launching rockets from Earth and sending satellites into space are nothing new. There is now a competition to launch a record rocket. For the first time, preparations are underway to launch the satellite by drone by going to the heights of the sky. Aevum, an airlock company, has designed a drone named Ravn X that will be able to launch the satellite for less than a rocket. Aevum claims it is the biggest drone in the world.

Go launch from the air
The drone, 80 feet long and 18 feet high, is powered by special software designed by the company itself. It will go to a fixed height by itself. From there it will launch a rocket and launch LEO satellites into lower Earth orbit. A small payload satellite will be launched into the air.

This launching system is 70% reused. Company CEO Jay Skiles is trying to do it 100%. Skylus told CNET that the first stage will launch a second rocket after landing and then take off, as it would at an airline gate.

The company said it has already received more than a billion launch contracts. This includes the delivery of 360 satellites to lower Earth orbit with the US Space Force. The company says it can be completed this year.

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