Saturn Moon Triangle Jupiter: … when the moon in the sky, a trio of Jupiter and Saturn, prepares for a rare astronomical event next month – Jupiter Saturn and the Moon form a triangle in the sky before the great conjunction

This year is something hardly anyone would want to remember, but it has been very special for Skywatchers and astronomers. Nearly magnificent views have been seen in the sky almost every month and this trend continues. On the night of December 19, such a rare sight was seen in many parts of the world when the moon, Saturn and Jupiter were seen forming triangles.

As the sky grew dark, the moon began to appear and within a short time the rare occurrence of Jupiter and Saturn occurred earlier. This view was delayed but Skywatchers did not delay capturing the camera. People saw them using binoculars and small telescopes. Even the moon pits and Jupiter’s moon appeared. Using a small telescope, the rings of Saturn were also shown.

Seen in many parts of the world

For those watching this, there will be more occasions in December when Saturn and Jupiter come closer. There will also be another rare event in December called The Great Conjunction. When the moon and a planet are in the same celestial longitude with another planet, it is called the conjunction. The conjugation of Jupiter and Saturn occurs once every 19.6 years and after 1623 will be closest on December 21.

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