Saturn Venus Jupiter conjunction: Jupiter Saturn and Venus visible from Earth: Jupiter, Saturn and Venus will be seen from Earth

Saturn, Venus and Jupiter are visible together from the earth. No equipment will be needed to view them. Before sunrise, these three will appear slightly above the horizon. However, they can only be seen in the sky for a while. The Earth is ahead of Venus in the orbit of the Sun, while Jupiter and Saturn are millions of miles away, but from the view you will have the impression that all three are around.

The sky will be visible if the sky is clear
These three planets will be seen in the eastern parts of India in the early morning hours of February 10. Just before sunrise, these three will appear above the horizon in the order of Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn in the sky. However, fog may interfere with viewing due to winter conditions. At the same time, it will be difficult to see them in West India. Venus will be the brightest because of our proximity, but the brightness of the other two will also be very sharp.

A Mercury-Jupiter-Saturn trio will be seen in the sky tonight, see the stunning view of Triple Conjunction
Seen in january
It can also be seen in the rest of the world. For this it is necessary to clear the sky and it may be necessary that binoculars are required. Earlier on January 9-10, after sunset, Jupiter, Mercury, and Saturn were seen forming a triangle together. It only takes 88 days for Mercury to tour the sun. Therefore, the same point of view will be reviewed in February.

The Great Conjunction took place in December 2020
Earlier on January 9 and 10, the three planets formed an exact triangle and could be seen clearly some time after sunset. At the same time, on December 21, Saturn and Jupiter offered Earthlings the most beautiful astronomical gift of the year. 400 years later, these two planets came together so closely that they looked the same when viewed from Earth.

The peculiarity is that after 800 years this opportunity presented itself at night, thanks to which it could be seen, otherwise both were hiding in the sun. The Great Conjunction takes place every 20 years, but this year the two have arrived at a distance of just 0.1 degrees, making it a rare event.

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