Satya Nadella confirms they are stepping up their efforts in Windows 10

A few days ago, we showed you the results from Microsoft. And this year we noticed a change, before Windows was not mentioned and sometimes our colleague Ángel pointed it out. But the work from home triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic has made people realize the value of a dedicated productivity platform. Bring back the Windows ecosystem to growth.

In Microsoft’s earnings presentation, the company revealed that the number of monthly active Windows 10 devices is increasing by double digits. In all sectors, commercial, consumer and education. This means that while there were 1 billion Windows 10 PCs in use in 2019, an additional 100 million were added this year.

Satya Nadella confirms her bet on Windows 10

This growth inspired Microsoft to double the PC market, with Satya Nadella saying in her revenue appeal the other day:

If anything, again, the last nine months or so have shown that when it comes to Windows and PCs, they become mission critical because it’s about distance learning, remote working. and any type of activity and productivity. Therefore, we are redoubling our efforts in this area.

This means that innovation in Windows and Microsoft 365 is the best way to conceptualize our way of thinking, even in Windows. Because it is a platform on which we want to provide our best solutions for productivity, communications, collaboration, business processes.

And we will also continue to work on form factor innovation. Therefore, even if you look at the range of device variants. It’s great to see that, big screens, small screens, mobiles, different chip architectures that make it pretty appealing to always have a Windows device. This is how we see it. Its very important. I think, on the contrary, even mobile-only countries and mobile-only scenarios recognize that they can also do this with help with additional screens. And so this is something that we look forward to.

Breaking it down, Nadella revisits the idea of ​​”the best of Windows” again. After its abandonment when iOS and Android clearly dominated.

Second, Satya seems to suggest a return to Windows Mobile in one form or another. Presumably in the form of devices like the Surface Neo, which would allow us to “always have a Windows device with us”.

It remains to be seen what Microsoft has in mind. But if you look at the information that Microsoft is planning to redesign the Windows 10 user interface. It seems that there is once again some interest in the Windows engine and some enthusiasm for the Microsoft platform.

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