Satya Nadella defends herself against criticism from Salesforce and Slack

The position of a CEO is a clear statement of the vision and values ​​he wants the company he leads to have. Satya Nadella has always been considered a calm and caring person. It is therefore surprising to see how he defends himself against attacks from Slack and Salesforce which question the tightness of the company.

Satya Nadella takes on Salesforce and Slack

Nadella said in an interview with the Financial Times that these companies should look in the mirror before attacking Microsoft or Microsoft Teams. These companies claim that Microsoft is trying to create a software platform that binds users to its services.

Meanwhile, Satya Nadella indicated that Windows, as an open platform, has enabled companies like Slack to grow and gain their market. The same has happened with Salesfoce, if Microsoft hadn’t allowed competition, Salesforce wouldn’t have achieved the relevance it has today.

Microsoft CEO @satyanadella in a rare blow to critical Microsoft Teams competitors. “I think they should probably look at themselves in the mirror before pulling their mouths out.”

– Tom Warren (@tomwarren) January 5, 2021

However, Salesforce and Microsoft have collided several times in the past. Including the purchase of LinkedIn where Salesforce said its acquisition was against the competition. Now they will have a new field of rivalry with the acquisition of Slack for 28 billion.

I believe that [los críticos] they should probably look at themselves in the mirror before opening their mouths

Jared Spataro, head of Microsoft 365 service, said the company had no choice but to allow customers to integrate their other applications with Microsoft services. “A lot of companies have a heterogeneous approach and that’s the reality, so we have to be open to our own existence,” he said.

It looks like Satya Nadella is finally showing her character and standing up for Microsoft. Calmly but straight to the point, you can’t allow your business to be attacked like this now that Microsoft is more open than ever.

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