Saudi Arabia and Iranian officials hold first talks to tighten relations in Baghdad: two direct enemies in Saudi Arabia and Iran, will two friends become enemies?

Senior officials from two of the world’s biggest enemy countries, Saudi Arabia and Iran, spoke directly for the first time after nearly 5 years. It is said that during this meeting held in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, there were talks to improve relations between the two countries which reached the abyss. These two very important countries in West Asia broke off diplomatic relations about 5 years ago.

According to the Financial Times report, this meeting, held in Baghdad this month, for the first time after a long hiatus, sparked a serious conversation. The talks between Saudi Arabia and Iran came at a time when US President Joe Biden wants to renegotiate a nuclear deal with Iran. Their effort is to reduce tensions in West Asia. According to sources, this dialogue between the two countries was promoted by the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al Qadhimi.

Saudi Arabia faces pro-Iran rebels
Saudi Arabia is poorly established in Yemen and has to deal with pro-Iranian rebels. These Houthi rebels frequently carry out airstrikes on oil bases and towns in Saudi Arabia. This year, the Houthi rebels carried out dozens of missile and drone strikes, causing massive damage to Saudi Arabia. Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman is said to have taken this step to gain the support of the Biden administration.

Biden has vowed to review relations with Saudi Arabia and end the war in Yemen. The Saudi and Iranian authorities discussed this on April 9. During this period, the attack on the Houthi rebels was also discussed. Intelligence chief Khalid bin Ali Al-Humaidan led the talks on behalf of Saudi Arabia. It is said that if there will be another round of talks in the week.

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