Saudi Arabia Pakistan Kashmir: Imran Khan receives ‘friend’ from Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iran give Kashmir a hard blow – Imran Khan Turkey

Islamabad / Riyadh / Tehran
Since coming to power in Pakistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan, who has jumped on the strength of Muslim countries, has suffered a major setback on the Kashmir issue from both Shiite and Sunni groups. Saudi Arabia and Iran did not allow Pakistani embassies in their countries to celebrate Black Day on October 27, the day Jammu and Kashmir joined India. Pakistan suffered great disappointment from West Asia after Saudi Arabia and Iran withdrew from their previous positions.

According to the Hindustan Times report, people associated with the case said the Pakistani Embassy in Iran offered to hold a program to celebrate Black Day at the University of Tehran. Iran’s surprise decision on Pakistan’s decision denied permission from Islamabad. The Pakistani Embassy was subsequently forced to conduct a single webinar.

Did not support the abolition of article 370
It is clear from Iran’s shock that Pakistan fails to gain the support of Muslim countries also at the end of Article 370. Not only that, Pakistan was not allowed to organize events in Riyadh , the capital of Saudi Arabia. Analysts believe the blow to Pakistan from influential Muslim countries Saudi Arabia and Iran reflects the changing equation in the region.

In fact, Pakistan, which once relied on Saudi money, has now made Turkey its “boss”. Not only that, Pakistan’s foreign minister recently warned, along with Turkey, to create another Islamic group outside of Saudi Arabia. As a result, tensions between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have intensified. Turkish President Recep Tayyab Erdogan is busy taking the country along the lines of the Ottoman Empire of 500 years ago to increase his influence in West Asia.

Tension between the two Sunni countries of Turkey and Saudi Arabia
For this reason, tension has grown between the two Sunni countries of Turkey and Saudi Arabia, who believe they are Muslims. The growing friendship between Pakistan and Turkey was observed recently at the FATF meeting. Turkey was the only country to support removing Pakistan from the gray list. Pakistan and Turkey openly support Baku in the Armenia-Azerbaijan war.

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