Saudi Arabia port of yangbu: fear of an “ attack ” on a ship at the port of Yanbu in the Red Sea; smoke appears – fears of attack appear on the ship at the port of yanbu in the red sea

There are fears of an unknown “ incident ” in the Red Sea after black smoke was seen rising over the port of Yanbu in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday morning. Officials said on Tuesday that a private security company warned of a possible attack on a ship. Detailed information on Tuesday’s incident in the Red Sea has not been received.

However, the incident comes at a time when ships are being targeted in West Asia in a proxy war between Israel and Iran, as negotiations begin with countries around the world over a nuclear treaty with the Iran. Saudi Arabia also did not give immediate information about the incident.

British Maritime Trade Operations, led by the British Navy, simply said it was “aware of the incident” and investigations were underway in this regard. The private maritime security company Dryad Global, without giving any detailed information on the subject, said it had received information about an “attack” on a ship. Maritime security firm Neptune P2P Group reported seeing smog of black smoke near the southern entrance to Yanbu Port.

British maritime security firm Ambray said there was a possibility of an “ incident ” off the coast of western Saudi Arabia between the ports of Yanbu and Rabig. The company said earlier in the morning, smoke was seen rising from a ship off the coast of the Saudi port of Yanbu. Many tankers are present in the area.

Ambray said that by sending a message from the Sea Fahd Port Monitoring Center to Yanbu via Weichf Maritime Radio, ships were alerted to increase vigilance and monitor any suspicious situations.

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