saudi arabia travel ban india: saudi arabia has given india a hard blow, pakistanis approve travel, indians do not – saudi arabia revokes travel ban for pakistan but not for l ‘India

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Millions of Indian workers working in Saudi Arabia have suffered a major setback. Saudi Arabia has maintained the travel ban because of Kovid. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia has lifted travel restrictions on many countries, including Pakistan.
Millions of Indians working in Saudi Arabia have suffered a major setback. Saudi Arabia has since Monday lifted the travel ban imposed last year following the Kovid outbreak. Saudi Arabia said it was removing travel restrictions on many countries, including Pakistan, but would continue for travelers from India. Saudi Arabia lifted the ban following the visit of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The Saudi Interior Ministry announced that on May 17, all borders – air, land and sea – would be fully open. It was said that Saudi Arabia would be allowed to travel with people who received Kovid vaccines and recovered from the infection in less than six months. Citizens under the age of 18 can travel if they have a health insurance policy that covers the risks associated with the corona virus.

Institutional passenger quarantine from May 20
Officials say they are ready to operate international flights at full capacity. Meanwhile, the ministry announced that Saudi Arabia will impose an institutional quarantine on passengers arriving from May 20. It has been recommended by health authorities. Certain categories of travelers will be excluded from the quarantine, including Saudi citizens, their spouses and children.

Passengers receiving Kovid’s vaccines, as well as official delegations, as well as diplomats and their families living with them, will also be excluded from quarantine. But with the exception of vaccinated individuals, the other categories will have to undergo a domestic quarantine. He will stress the need to obtain a valid health insurance policy to cover the risks of the coronavirus.

There will always be a ban on travel from India
Meanwhile, Saudi Arabian Airlines said in a statement that it had completed preparations to operate flights to 71 destinations from 95 airports, including 28 domestic and 43 international. This information was quoted by Arab News. The General Civil Aviation Authority said about 385 flights are expected to operate at airports across the state on Monday.

However, the Interior Ministry said it was still prohibited to travel to many countries affected by Kovid, directly or through another country, without prior authorization. These countries include India, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Iran, Turkey, Armenia, Somalia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Afghanistan, Venezuela, and Belarus. This decision by the Saudi government has shocked Indian workers who fear to come here and leave.

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