Saudi Arabia travel ban: Saudi Arabia to impose heavy fine on passengers if Corona travel ban is violated

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Saudi Arabia’s big travel announcement to pay hefty fine for breaking rules, Finariad will start traveling to banned countries
The restrictions imposed to prevent corona are very strict because they are directly related to our health. This is the reason why offenders have to pay heavy fines. In this episode, the Saudi public prosecutor warned that it would impose fines on travelers who violate travel restrictions.

will have to pay a fine of 1 crore
Travelers traveling to countries affected by the corona virus will have to pay a fine of $ 133,323, or about Rs 1 crore. Under the rules, a similar fine will be imposed on transport operators and owners. In a tweet on Sunday, officials said tough punitive action would be taken against travelers who had traveled to any country on Corona’s travel ban list in Saudi Arabia.

A travel ban for 3 years may be imposed
Saudi Arabia has warned its citizens that they will be banned from traveling for 3 years if they travel to countries on the “red list” for the corona virus. Saudi Arabia has given the warning after new variants of Corona emerged in an attempt to control its spread. Legal action is also included against these Saudi citizens. Countries included in the red list include India, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, etc.

Legal action will be taken for violation of the rules
Saudi Arabia’s official news agency SPA released this information last week, citing anonymous Interior Ministry sources. He said that in May, some Saudi citizens were allowed to travel abroad without permission from authorities for the first time since March 2020, but violated travel rules. Officials have said that if anyone now breaks travel rules, legal action will be taken against them.

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