Saudi Arabian Women’s Activist: Release of Saudi Arabian Women’s Rights Activist: Release of Saudi Arabian Women’s Rights Activist

Popular Saudi Arabian political activist Loujain Al-Hathloul was finally released on Wednesday. Saudi Arabia has been heavily criticized internationally for keeping Luzen in prison for almost three years and accused of suppressing human rights. Luggen was arrested in 2018 for expressing the rights of women driving in Saudi Arabia and last year he was sentenced to 6 years in prison by the anti-terrorism court. He has now been released, but it is claimed he was tortured in prison along with other activists, ranging from sexual abuse to torture.

Painful torture in prison.

Human rights lawyer Barness Helena Kennedy previously claimed in a report that imprisoned activists, including Lugen, were forced to do what investigators are doing and were sexually abused. He was allegedly shown porn, threatened with rape, hung from the ceiling, beaten and electrocuted. Lujen spent 1,001 days in detention and solitary confinement before the case continued. A lawsuit has been filed against him for agitation for change, using the Internet to cause unrest and to direct the foreign agenda.

Release under American pressure?

After his release, Luggen remained silent and would be a condition of his release. In a Jata verdict, his two-year 10-month sentence was lifted and he was due to be released in March. Indeed, the new US President Joe Biden put pressure on Saudi Arabia. Stressed respect for democratic values ​​and human rights and issued a strong message that actions like Donald Trump’s tenure against such violations, especially women activists, will not be ignored. Joe Biden also reacted to Lugen’s release, calling him a powerful activist.

Saudi Prince is putting pressure on votes?

Saudi Arabia lifted the ban on driving women in 2018. It is said that through this, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman tried to show support for change but at the same time jailed activists who demanded change. The United Nations demanded that the other activists held in Lugen state be maintained and that the charges against them be dropped. Allegations of silencing critics and opponents began to escalate during Prince’s reign. Especially after the murder of journalist Jamal Khashogi, there has been a growing international voice against him.

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