Saudi Arabian women’s rights activist Loujain Al Hathloul sentenced to six years in prison

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The famous Saudi Arabian women’s rights activist has been jailed for 6 years.
The country’s famous women’s rights activist, who fought to give women the right to drive in Saudi Arabia, has been jailed for 6 years by Lujan al-Hathlol. Lujain was sentenced Monday to nearly six years in prison under an alleged anti-terrorism law. This information was broadcast in government media news.

Luzain al-Hathloul, who has championed women’s rights in Saudi Arabia, has been in prison for two and a half years, which has been criticized by many right-wing groups and EU lawmakers, including US lawmakers . Al-Hathlaul was one of the few Saudi women who called on women to drive and remove the “Male Guardianship Law,” which violated women’s right to move freely.

Accused of harming the interests of the empire, the political order
According to state media, the anti-terrorism court found Al-Hathlol guilty of various charges, including agitation for change, running a foreign program, using the internet to undermine public order, etc. Apart from this, the court also convicted Al-Hathlaul for cooperating with individuals and establishments who have committed crimes under the anti-terrorism law. The women’s rights activist has 30 days to challenge the verdict.

Lujan and others were first arrested in May 2018 for calling for the lifting of a ban on driving women. The human rights activists were then accused of harming the interests of the kingdom and its political order by communicating with foreign diplomats, journalists and human rights organizations and lobbying for women’s rights. The judge has already reduced her sentence to two years and 10 months, which she has already served in detention.

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