Saudi mosque speaker volume restrictions: conservative Saudi Muslim furious at reducing speaker voices in mosques authorities defend

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Controversy over order to reduce sound from loudspeakers in mosques in Saudi Arabia As this order provoked Muslim fundamentalists, as the general public hailed the loudspeaker’s voice during Azan, the loudspeaker should only be a third of the maximum Riyadh voice
Saudi Arabia’s order to cut loudspeakers in mosques during Azan has sparked controversy in the country. Although this order angered Muslim fundamentalists, it was well received by the general public. Last week’s circular said that the loudspeaker during azan in mosques in Saudi Arabia should only be a third of the maximum sound.

Not only that, it was also said in order that the speaker should be turned off after giving the signal to start Ajan. The Saudi government has said that it is not necessary to recite the entire namaz through loudspeakers. After this order, the controversy escalated on social networks in Saudi Arabia and in Muslim countries. Muslim fundamentalists have now started using hashtags to stop loud noises in restaurants and cafes.

“Low sound affects children’s sleep”
The Saudi government, put under pressure after this campaign on social media, provided a clarification. Saudi Islamic Affairs Minister Abdullatif al-Sheikh said several families complained that their children’s sleep was affected due to the prolonged duration of loud prayers. He said that those who want to recite azaan, it is not necessary to wait for the imam’s call to recite the azaan.

The change in Saudi Arabia would be part of a reform led by Prince Mohammed bin Salman regarding the role of religion in public life. Mohammed Salman relaxed many social restrictions. According to the Reuters report, it is too early to say what impact the order of silence will have on mosques in Saudi Arabia. Some people living in Riyadh have reported that the loudspeakers of many mosques have been turned off.

“Critics want to incite hatred”
Many people in Saudi Arabia have welcomed the move. However, he also said the government should also reduce the sound from speakers in restaurants and other places. On the other hand, Minister Sheikh said that this order is criticized by those who want to incite hatred so that problems arise. Such people are the enemies of Saudi Arabia.

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