Save administrative time thanks to the digitalization of the company’s purchasing management

Save administrative time thanks to the digitalization of the company’s purchasing management

Some companies still do not digitize the management of corporate purchasing, causing their employees to waste time in this process and promoting the lack of control that this implies for accounting and financial services.

BY RRHHDigital, 04:45 – 08 February 2021

Automating the business purchasing management process can be of great benefit to your business and your employees. There are still companies that share the same corporate card so that their employees make online purchases and indirect corporate purchases, compromising their security when paying online. In addition, accounting and finance departments waste a lot of time managing all invoices sent to them individually by employees, which can lead to their accidental or misplaced loss due to incorrect filing.

For this reason, many companies are opting for solutions that digitize this entire process, allowing for better collaboration between employees and more security for online shopping. Solutions like Ficufy allow you to pay, manage, automate and digitize all corporate purchases and subscriptions from a single platform linked to any management system or ERP.

Increase the security of online payments

One of the great advantages of Ficufy is that it generates a single-use virtual card for each approved expense request, which not only ensures greater security for online payments, but finally eliminates the lack of control that it does. involves for workers who share company cards.

In addition, Ficufy allows you to intelligently manage corporate subscriptions, since it generates a virtual card for each annual or monthly subscription approved, increasing the control and visibility of recurring payments.

Save administrative time

Ficufy reduces administrative time by up to 75% thanks to the extraction with OCR technology of invoicing data and automated accounting with management software. In addition, this solution is approved by the tax authorities of several countries so that the declared invoices have the same legal validity as the original and allow employees to get rid of paper and follow a paperless culture.

In addition, Ficufy allows employees to have a streamlined and easy flow to manage office purchases, quick or unexpected purchases, or even subscriptions to online services, which is really useful especially for the marketing department.

These types of solutions create a culture of corporate purchase and subscription responsibility and help increase employee collaboration.

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