Say goodbye to the annoying bug with multiple monitors in Windows 10

Windows 10 is a great operating system, but it also has several issues. Some have been crawling for a long time like the multiple monitors bug that we tell you about below. Fortunately, this bug is now fixed and we should receive the update to fix it this year.

Microsoft finally fixes the problem of window layout with multiple monitors in Windows 10

If you are using Windows with multiple monitors, surely you suffered the headache of organizing apps by reorganizing after restarting the team. There have been several ways to fix it over the years, but Microsoft is finally fixing this issue in an update to Windows 10.

“The technical terminology we use to describe this problem is known as Rapid Hot Plug Detect (Rapid HPD),” explains Michelle Xiong, head of the graphics team at Microsoft. “This behavior affects multiple DisplayPort monitor configurations, leading to unwanted desktop reorganizations.”

This issue is quite problematic if we are using a laptop with a secondary display or with an additional monitor that goes to sleep and Windows considers it to have been disconnected. Windows will then move all of our apps to the other screen and we’ll have to rearrange them manually. It is certainly a big problem if this happens to us on a daily basis.

Microsoft has worked to prevent the so-called Rapid HPD when reorganizing Windows applications. That’s why there’s already a patch on the way that will arrive with this year’s big Windows 10 update, Sun Valley. Windows Insiders can test this with Build 21287 or later. At this time, we don’t recommend installing these builds, but the fix is ​​expected to arrive around October with the complete overhaul offered by Microsoft which will not only include this but also eliminate existing issues.

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