Say goodbye to video autoplay with Microsoft Edge

It seems like we’re never done learning about all of the improvements to Microsoft Edge. The team behind the new browser does not stop and each week we have several news to tell you. The Redmond giant continues to improve its browser and now it looks like it’s going to get rid of boring videos that play automatically.

Say goodbye to autoplay video in Microsoft Edge

It looks like Microsoft is considering blocking autoplay videos. Yes, those videos that scared us all, usually used for advertising purposes. Finally, it seems that Microsoft is planning to end this scourge on the Internet once and for all. At the moment, it is available as an option in Edge: // flags under the name “Autoplay Limit Default Setting”.

This new option is only available in Microsoft Edge Canary. This will allow Microsoft to set the auto-read capability to Limited. When set to Limited, media content will not be played unless we have visited and interacted with this site before. Currently, in Microsoft Edge, Autoplay features are marked by default, which means all content is automatically played with sound.

If you are using Microsoft Edge Canary, be aware that it is not enabled by default. But it looks like Microsoft would consider activating it more broadly as long as it doesn’t affect how different web pages work.

This is great news, although web pages don’t have as much boring content as they once did. Even so, we will record advertising or content that is loaded automatically consuming data and giving us weird scares.

The Microsoft Edge team doesn’t seem to be short on ideas and they show it off daily with news in Microsoft Edge Canary and weekly in Microsoft Edge Dev. The engine change seems to have done the Redmond giant very well.

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