Scan your Christmas presents? This year more than ever

There are times when accelerating change in the business is not recommended. Other times there is no choice and other times it is simply an opportunity to improve.

In the case of digital transformation, the pandemic is influencing this process, forcing Spanish companies and their various services to accelerate the adoption of digital tools. Human resources are at the forefront, according to a Salesforce study: companies have improved their digital capabilities to manage remote teams by 52% and by 48% to influence employee morale.

In this context, Christmas is fast approaching and we must once again face the uncertainty. Customs such as Christmas dinner, corporate events or traditional corporate gifts will need to be converted.

Fortunately, once again, digital technology comes to the rescue. From Click & Gift, they point out that digital gift cards are a tailor-made solution for companies that don’t want to stop touching the hearts of their employees, touching all staff and at the same time maintaining measures of health protection.

What drives companies to demand digital gift cards to reward their employees on Christmas?

1. Employees are already digital users

According to CNMC data, the year-to-year growth of e-commerce over the past 5 years has remained above 20%, in numbers that do not appear to be stagnating. On the other hand, 2020 will be a very digital Christmas: according to the recent study published in Think With Google, 74% of respondents plan to do their Christmas shopping on online platforms.

This trend applies to the gift card market where, according to a study by the American company Incomm, consumer interest in using digital gift cards is growing exponentially. Among the advantages they cite as the most relevant are: immediate delivery (68%), ease of shipping (51%), ease of use (37%), security (36%) and the difficulty of losing (27%).

2. Businesses, also on the digital path

Although it is on the agenda of many companies, the need to switch to telework has come to us forcefully without all the desired preparation. However, digital tools have made this adaptation easier: not only have virtual meeting tools (Skype, Zoom, Teams, Meet, etc.) been the protagonists, but every aspect of the business has been forced to go digital. Intranets and internal social networks are essential for maintaining a cohesive workforce, also facilitating document control. Another example is the adoption of digital tools for talent selection or performance monitoring.

Today, companies must implement virtual measures for the management of their employees, wherever they are.

3. The advantages of online technology in awarding prizes

The digitization of gift cards offers human resources departments new tools to make their internal actions more attractive and efficient. As examples, we can highlight:

A greater presence of the image of the company in the “packaging” gifts: images, texts, links … Greater personalization of communication, which makes it a channel for corporate messages, thanks and good wishes. Track the receipt of the gift, wherever the employee is and at any time.

4. Better optimization of expenses

The use of digital gifts reduces the cost of each action: no stock of products, no cost of delivery to the employee, low cost of personalization of the communication, optimization of the time and effort devoted to the preparation of the gift. In addition, you can interact with the winners: reminders according to predefined criteria, adaptation of communication to each case, immediate feedback on the results …

Click & Gift has been offering digital gift solutions to companies in all sectors for more than 6 years and has a wide choice of tools to reward, encourage and motivate employees in 100% virtual environments. Your digital gift card is unique in Spain, being valid in more than 50 e-commerce and more than 3,500 physical points of sale, which guarantees the success of the gift with any profile of person.

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