Schools open between long lines of voters and a large COVID security device

Publication: Tuesday, May 4, 2021 9:36 AM

Today, an atypical election day is held in the Community of Madrid. Autonomous elections on a weekday which prompted dozens of voters to gather at the gates of schools to vote.

In the approximately 1,100 polling stations in the Community of Madrid, some 8,000 agents of the state security forces and bodies and 3,000 COVID officials check that health measures are being followed and that the day is going well. And it is that these elections are held with a large security device due to the coronavirus pandemic.

By 9:30 a.m., 7,243 polling stations had already been set up, or 99.70% of the total. According to the census, 4,769,084 people will be able to vote throughout the day, with the exception of those who have already exercised their right to vote by mail.

The day will be marked by a large security device to avoid possible infections in the midst of a pandemic. Thus, a maximum of 750 voters will vote at each table and surgical masks, gloves and hydroalcoholic gel will be distributed at the entrance to schools.

The Government of the Community of Madrid has warned that queues could form and that the voting process could be slower, due to the capacity checks that will be carried out in each electoral college.

In this sense, the Regional Executive has launched a website on which the capacity of each polling station can be consulted. Simply click on the following link and enter the name of the corresponding electoral college:

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