Science News: NASA discovers water on lunar surface, will aid in settling human settlements – NASA Sofia discovers water on sunny moon surface

The US space agency NASA discovered water on the lunar surface. The great thing is that this water on the surface of the moon was discovered in the area where the sun’s rays fall. This major discovery will not only give great strength to future manned missions to the Moon. Rather, they can also be used for drinking and rocket fuel production. This water was discovered by the NASA Stratosphere Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (Sophia).

Water found in the southern hemisphere crater
Sophia detected water molecules (H2O) in the Clavius ​​crater, one of the largest visible pits on Earth, located in the southern hemisphere of the Moon. Previous studies have revealed some form of hydrogen on the lunar surface, but water and hydroxyl (OH), believed to be close relatives, could not be discovered.

NASA said signs of water were already present
Paul Hertz, director of the Division of Astrophysics in the Directorate of Science Missions at NASA Headquarters in Washington, said we already had indications that H2O, which we know as water, may be present at the surface of the Moon towards the Sun. Now we know he’s there. This discovery calls into question our understanding of the lunar surface. This prompts us to do more intensive space exploration.

NASA plans to establish human settlements on the moon
NASA plans to install human settlements on the moon. NASA is already preparing to send manned missions to the lunar surface by 2024 via the Artemis program. NASA wants to deliver humans to the surface of the moon by 2024 through its Artemis program. Thanks to this, human activities on the lunar surface will be promoted. Humans on the moon will explore areas that no one has reached before or that have remained untouched until now.

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