Scientist finds ancient baskets full of fruit in Egypt

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Archaeologists have found treasure in Egypt, many sculptures and artefacts preserved in baskets thousands of years old have also been found
Thonis on the ruined Egyptian coast near Heraklion in the 4th century BC. Baskets full of fruit were discovered. Hundreds of ancient ceramic objects and bronze sculptures were also found with the baskets. 2nd century BC. No one has touched these baskets since the city’s terrible flooding in May. Later in the 8th century AD, the city was completely submerged by earthquakes and tides.

Fruits still in the basket
Archaeologist Franck Goddio was shocked by this discovery. He told the Guardian that the fruit baskets are “wonderful” that no one has touched for over 2,000 years. The basket still contains Doum (African fruit sacred to the Egyptians in Antiquity) and grape seeds. He said he liked to see the fruit baskets.

Many bronze sculptures have been found
Goddio said the baskets probably still existed because they were kept in an underground room. Goddio and his team also found a tumulus (mound over graves) here. This mound is approximately 60 meters long and 8 meters wide. All of these things are from the 4th century BC. When Greek merchants and soldiers lived in the city of Thonis-Heraklion. The team also found several bronze sculptures.

secret room
It is estimated that due to the massive fire, people were prevented from visiting the site again. The place seems to have been sealed because no artifacts date from the 4th century BC. No later, but the city continued to survive for several hundred years. Goddio said there is something very strange here. Maybe this place has only been used once. Nothing is clear about this at the moment and it is a mystery.

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