Scientist warns Europe, America and Canada could freeze due to weak Atlantic Ocean system

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Scientists have given big warning for the future, there could be a big change in the weather of the world, America could increase in Europe, severe cold in London
The state of the very strong currents in the Atlantic Ocean has become weakest over the past 1000 years. For this reason, the fear of extreme cold is increasing in Canada, America and countries in Europe. Scientists warn that the Atlantic Reversing Meridional Circulation (AMOC) has become increasingly unstable in recent years. Scientists believe that global warming is responsible for it.

AMOC acts as a conveyor belt
Scientific research said Thursday that the current system in the Atlantic Ocean could weaken to such an extent that it could be responsible for major changes in global weather. It is said that because of this, parts of Europe and North America can experience severe cold. Senior research author Niklas Boers from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact said AMOC is indeed one of the most important systems in our world. According to the Met Office, AMOC acts like a large conveyor belt driven by the differences in temperature and salinity of the water.

offset the effects of greenhouse gases
Currently, this system is widespread around the world, ensuring that the oceans remain connected to each other and that there is an equitable distribution of heat and energy around the earth. The Atlantic Meridional Reversal Circulation is a large system of ocean currents that carry warm water from the tropics north into the North Atlantic. As the atmosphere warms due to increased greenhouse gases, the ocean surface maintains its temperature. In such a situation, more ice is melting in the polar regions and due to more rain it is expected to find fresh water in the sea. A lower AMOC will bring less warm water to the north. This will partly offset the warming effect of greenhouse gases in Western Europe.

The weather around the world can change
Climate models have shown that AMOC is at its lowest for over 1,000 years. Research published in the journal Nature Climate Change indicates that this change is very significant. The UK Met Office has said that if the AMOC system fails, it will lead to increased cold in the northern hemisphere. At the same time, the sea level in the Atlantic will rise, precipitation will decrease in Europe and North America, and the monsoons will change in South America and Africa.

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