Scientists create new living robots that have memory capable of assembling: Scientists create new “ living ” robots from Frog

Strong points:

American scientists have succeeded in creating a new “living” robot. The robot itself can replace its parts, and the memory is very strong. This new robot is an updated version of the biological robot “Xenobots” in London.
Scientists have succeeded in making a “living” robot. This robot can change its parts on its own and its memory is very strong. This robot is an updated version of the biological robot “Xenobots” which was unveiled last year. This living robot was prepared by scientists at Tufts University and the University of Vermont from Frog cells.

This little robot can perform multiple tasks simultaneously. It involves moving around on your own and performing things around it. This robot with his robot companions can perform any task like an army together. Many new features have been added to this new robot. This robot can make its own body by bringing together several individual cells. These robots are also able to swim.

Faster and more efficient than the old version
This robot has a strong memory capacity and can remember events that happen to it. These robots are faster and more efficient than their earlier version. Not only that, his life is also long. These robots can work together in unison and repair themselves. The researchers said they could further improve this robot so that other abilities can be added to it.

The researchers said these robots can be used to improve the environment and improve health. These robots can also discover how frog cells, like humans, form a body and function as a system. Research on these robots has been published in the journal Science Robotics.

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