Scientists find fossil plants buried deep beneath Greenland’s ice cap: priceless ‘treasure’ found in secret pit under ice in Greenland, now worried about devastation

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Scientists have found fossilized plants, twigs and leaves in ice pits in Greenland. Was this region without snow millions of years ago?
Millions of years ago, buried under snow in Greenland, a sample from a pit dug to hide an atomic bomb almost 55 years ago left scientists with a “precious treasure”. Scientists have found fossilized plants, twigs and leaves in a pit about a mile deep under the ice in Greenland. Scientists said the discovery revealed that millions of years ago this region was snowless.

Scientists at the University of Vermont called the discovery “shocking.” He said that even after being buried in the snow of Greenland for millions of years, some vegetation appears to have died yesterday. This Ice Corps dig was carried out secretly by the US military in 1966. This whole project was named “Project Iceworm”. The purpose of this search was to hide hundreds of atomic bombs from the flight from the Soviet Union.

“ Cities like New York, Miami, Dhaka will be drowned ”
This project of the US military did not take off and put the body of ice in a freezer in Denmark and forgot everything. This sample was rediscovered in 2017. Scientists say twigs and leaves were found from these samples about a mile below it was found that there were forests in this northern part of the earth . In addition, he showed that the ice cap is more fragile than previous thinking on climate change.

Researchers have warned that many coastal cities around the world will be drowned if Greenland’s snow melts. If Greenland’s ice melted, the world’s sea level would rise by 20 feet. It will drown cities like New York, Miami, Dhaka. After this discovery, scientists will now be able to easily find out how long the ice can melt.

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