Scoolinary strengthens the visibility of women in the hospitality industry


Scoolinary strengthens the visibility of women in the hospitality industry

BY RRHHDigital, 13:30 – 06 March 2021

A few months ago Scoolinary, the online hospitality training school, signed an agreement with the MEG association under the name of “ Women with a star ”, which allows students to receive training from award-winning professionals. of the gastronomic scene within the platform.

Scoolinary, an online learning platform that tries to democratize access to the best training courses in the hotel and catering industry through distance courses adapted to the pace and level of each individual, with a cast of expert teachers, each in their field , where, for example, the late La Joanna Artieda stands out, who has just joined the house with a pack of 3 sessions of “Basic Pastry Techniques”. The woman from Pamplona received in 2005 the award for “ Best national pastry in Spain ” and after this first recognition – while still studying – and her visit to award-winning restaurants around the world, in 2016 she was proclaimed ‘Best Spanish Chef’, also being the first to obtain this title.

For this March 8, the platform, which has 16 professors specializing in their field and with trajectories full of successes and recognition, is providing students and interested parties with discount vouchers so that they can subscribe to the courses taught by these professors. . This involves promoting online training and at the same time promoting the visibility of women in the hotel industry, promoting talents and disseminating knowledge on an equal footing.

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