Scott Morrison says Covid 19 travel ban for Australians returning from India will not be extended

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Australia’s move to impose travel ban after spike in Corona cases in India overturns Australia Prime Minister says travel ban on returning citizens will not continue
Australia, which has imposed a travel ban following the increase in Corona virus cases in India, has now overturned its decision. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Friday that the travel ban on Australians returning home from India severely affected by the Corona virus by May 15 would not be extended. Not only that, the planes that bring them home will soon be flying.

For the first time in history, the Australian government recently banned the entry of its citizens who spend up to 14 days in India before returning home. The government has warned of a five-year imprisonment or a fine of US $ 50,899 for violating this ban. The government ordinance on the matter will expire on May 15.
Today, passengers traveling from India to Australia are sentenced to 5 years in prison and fined 50 lakhs, verdict has created a ruckus
Australian citizen challenges ban in federal court
After a National Security Committee meeting on Friday, Morrison agreed that there was no need to extend this period any further. He said: “It has been decided that the protection order until May 15 has proven to be very effective and no changes will be made until the end of his term.” Morrison’s comments came a day after a 73-year-old Australian citizen challenged the ban in federal court in Sydney. This person has been trapped in Bangalore since March of last year.

The Australian Prime Minister said: “We are preparing to send the first plane to bring people from India.” He said by the end of the month, three planes would be dispatched for Australian citizens to return. He said: “Rapid antigenic tests of every person on the plane will be carried out.” There was a risk of infection with people coming from India.

The person must declare that they have not been infected with Kovid-19
Morrison said it was not yet clear how many of the 9,000 Australian nationals stranded in India were infected with Kovid-19, but reported that no one was found infected with Kovid-19 before boarding from the plane to go home. “To ensure safety, we will do rapid antigen testing as we have a responsibility to make sure people are brought back and the risk of the infection spreading in the country is minimal,” he said. .

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