sea ​​level rise in lagos

Lagos, Nigeria’s largest and most populous city, is inundated with water from indoor vehicles during the rainy season. Every year there is a flood-like situation from March to November, not for a week or two. As a result, there is a loss of $ 4 billion every year. This July saw the worst flooding in recent years. Scientists fear that by the end of the century the situation in this city will become such that it is impossible to live there. The reason for this is the rise in sea level due to climate change.

sand mining made the situation worse

According to the Institute of Development Studies, these conditions have worsened due to the poor drainage system and rampant urbanization. The Nigerian hydrological agency NIHSA has predicted an escalation of the crisis in the future when the rainy season is at its peak. The coast of Lagos is slowly disappearing, increasing the risk of flooding.

According to environmental activists, the beach has been damaged due to sand mining here. At the same time, due to the rise in sea level, water began to enter the interior of the island.

Will it end by the end of the century?

According to another study, coastal towns located in low lying areas could be completely submerged by water by 2100. In this study by Climate Central, it was said that if the sea level continues to rise as well. , these towns could drown below the high tide line. Today, more than 200 million people live in these areas. Sea level is expected to rise more than 2 meters by the end of the century. Lagos also reports to his JD.

many causes of destruction

Last year, more than 20 lakhs of people had to deal with the devastation due to the floods. Around 70 people had died, whereas previously 158 people had lost their lives in 2019 and the impact of the devastation affected more than two lakhs. Local people believe that climate change and a poor drainage system are responsible for this tragedy. Not only that, buildings were erected destroying the wetlands, because of which people are suffering today. Social workers and locals say that if the government does not take the necessary measures in time, the threat ahead will not be stopped.

The ocean of life of 3 billion people in the world, will Mumbai drown?

The ocean of life of 3 billion people in the world, will Mumbai drown?

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