Sea Breaker Missile: Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Unveils New Long-Range Guided Missile System 5th Generation Sea Breaker Missile: Israeli Sea Breaker Missile All about Rafael Advanced Defense Systems

Tel Aviv
Israel introduced the fifth generation Sea Breaker missile to the world. This super destructive missile was manufactured by Israeli arms manufacturer Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. The missile was inaugurated on Wednesday by the Israeli Minister of Defense. This missile can be fired from sea or land and is capable of destroying the enemy from a distance of 300 km. The Israeli company is also working on a plan to deliver this missile to India.

Hai Sea Breaker Precision Guided Missile
Sea Breaker is the fifth generation autonomous long-range precision guided missile system. This missile can increase the capacity of the navy and artillery of any country. It can be fired from any military base on the ground or from any warship. Sources associated with the company said that in the coming days, this missile could be offered to India through Make in India.

This company works with Kalyani in India
This Israeli company manages a joint venture in India with the Kalyani group. It is known as Kalyani Rafale Advanced Systems (KRAS). Kalyani Group runs its own defense and aerospace company on behalf of Bharat Forge only. Rafale Advanced and Kalyani are working together on a variety of weapons and vehicles for the Indian Armed Forces.

Characteristics of the Sea Breaker missile
The Sea Breaker missile is equipped with electro-optical algorithms, computer vision, artificial intelligence and decision support. In such a situation, if the missile has to change target even at the last moment, then it will have no problem. Being guided with precision, this missile is able to hit the target with great precision. It is equipped with an advanced IIR (Imaging Infra-red) homing finder, which can hit fixed or moving targets on land or at sea with pinpoint accuracy.

Why is the Sea Breaker missile dangerous?
This missile flies very low both at sea and on land. In such a situation, enemy radars present at sea or on land are not able to recognize the sound of this missile. When the missile arrives very close to the enemies, which does not even give them time to react. In such a situation, it becomes almost impossible for the enemy to escape from this missile.

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Can be launched from any platform
The Sea Breaker missile can be launched from multiple Navy platforms. It also includes rapid attack missile boats, corvettes and frigates. This missile can be installed in Spyder launchers to protect seashores. This missile can be fired in all types of weather.

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