Search for water on exoplanets: search for a better life on exoplanets based on oceanic circulations

If there is life anywhere in the universe, then only on earth, but the possibility of life may exist not only on other planets but it may actually be that life and its development are much better than on earth. The role of the oceans is the most important for the beginning of life, and in research carried out some time ago, astronomers prepared models of the possibility of life on such planets where water is present. They found conditions whereby the oceans could become increasingly better for life. (Photo: TRAPPIST-1f imaginary surface, Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech)

Where would life be better?

According to this model, the planets rotating on their axis, where there is water, there are dense atmospheres, continents and long days, life can flourish at best. Indeed, under such conditions, there is a circulation over the oceans which brings nutrients deep to the surface where biological activity can take place. It is understood that where there may be a possibility of a better life, but has a planet ever been threatened by all these parameters? (Photo: imaginary photo of Kepler-186f, credit NASA)

Life is discovered on such planets

So far, more than 4,000 exoplanets have been discovered. Water is very important for the basis of life, and some of them are located such a distance from the star that they orbit that water is present in liquid form on their surface. Life is sought after on these planets. About two years ago, a study led by University of Chicago researcher Stephanie Olson looked at climate and heat transport caused by ocean circulation. (credit: NASA / Ames Research Center / Daniel Rutter)

keep an eye on this base

For this, using computer models, different types of climates and oceans have been compared that can be found on exoplanets. It is because of these that life on earth was created. The ocean and the atmosphere are interconnected, so the evolution of ocean life is reflected in chemical changes in the atmosphere. On this basis, research is carried out on planets located several light years away using telescopes. (credit: ESO / B. Tafreshi)

Ocean of “life” of 3 billion people in the world, will Mumbai drown?

Ocean of “life” of 3 billion people in the world, will Mumbai drown?

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