Seat begins vaccinating workers over 58, health workers and facilities

Publication: Thursday, May 13, 2021 2:09 PM

Seat joined the Generalitat of Catalonia’s vaccination campaign against the coronavirus and today began to vaccinate its workers over 58 years old. He did this at his facilities in Martorell, in the province of Barcelona, ​​and with the company’s medical staff.

In this way, it becomes the first Spanish company to participate in the vaccination campaign with its means, but with doses purchased by the government. In mid-April, it was the Minister of Social Security, José Luis Escrivá, who announced that the government was opposed to companies being able to participate in the purchase of vaccines, but would allow their mutuals and / or medical services to vaccinate the relevant doses to employees.

SEAT union president Matías Carnero told LaSexta that “in a few days they will give around 800 vaccines”, corresponding to the batch of employees who will be vaccinated in this first phase. In the first days, he said, “they will start to vaccinate those under 158”, all following the “criteria of the Generalitat”.

Likewise, he stressed that the company has put its facilities and resources at the disposal of the Government to continue to vaccinate the population linked or not to Seat, according to the needs of the health authorities.

According to Europa Press, the company’s facilities join the network of vaccination centers and it is expected that in the coming days the vaccination will be extended to people who live or work in the surroundings of Baix Llobregat (Barcelona), the region in which the facilities are located. the company.

The whole process will be carried out under the strict control of the Health Department of the Generalitat and aligned with the plan established by the health authorities.

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