Second doses of COVID-19 vaccine begin to be administered


Publication: Sunday, January 17, 2021 7:01 AM

This is the case of Galicia, the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands, three autonomous communities advanced in their vaccination rate which now begin with this second dose which, after a few days, hopes to grant the desired immunity against COVID-19 .

In the case of the Canary Islands, the Ministry of Health reported this Saturday that it administered 39,335 of the 44,040 vaccines received, which represents more than 89% of the total. This Sunday, the second dose will begin to be administered to users and workers in social health centers who received the first dose at the end of December.

The Balearics, for their part, will administer this second dose from the place where the first was administered: the Oms-Sant Miquel residence in Palma. Health has reserved 6,944 vaccines for the second dose for the elderly in nursing homes and their caregivers. Among the autonomous communities that decide to start on Sunday with the second dose, the Balearic Islands are those with the worst percentage of vaccines administered compared to those received (69.7%, according to the Ministry of Health).

In Galicia, it will be Nieves Cabo, the first to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in the autonomous community, who will launch the second phase of vaccination in nursing homes, which begins at the same center where the first doses were administered. December 27: Porta do Camiño in Santiago de Compostela.

According to Health, Galicia administered 86% of the vaccines that were delivered, for a total of 49,768 out of 57,880 received.

Vaccination takes “cruising speed”

And it is that after a hesitant start, the vaccination rate increased exponentially over the days, all the autonomous communities except Euskadi exceeding, at least, 50%.

In the Basque Country, 46.2% of vaccines received were administered, followed by Navarra and Madrid, both with 51% of doses administered. In contrast, the Valencian Community (92%), Galicia (86%) and Asturias (85%) are the communities that dominate the health picture.

For Salvador Illa, Spain has taken “cruising speed” in this vaccination campaign, an “optimal” rate with which he estimates that 70% of Spaniards will have been vaccinated in summer.

“We are the ninth country in terms of vaccination rates. With a strategy that works, we will achieve it,” he defended this Saturday during his appearance. After receiving the second dose, vaccinees will have to wait a few days to achieve the desired immunity.

It will only be the last week of January, between the 25th and 31st, when these patients will gain immunity to COVID-19, although immunity may be delayed for up to two weeks.

The first phase of the vaccination plan established by the government lasts until March, a period during which it is planned to vaccinate people “at risk” in nursing homes and front-line health personnel.

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