Second largest diamond in the world: Botswana discovers second largest diamond in the world after discovering third largest

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The plight of the African country Botswana has once again given its great support.A huge white colored diamond has been found in Botswana which is said to be the second largest diamond in the world, the diamond weight is 1,174.76 carats and it was discovered by the Lukara company in Gaborone.
The fate of the African country, Botswana, has once again reinforced it. A huge white diamond was found in Botswana. It is said to be the second largest diamond in the world. This diamond is very large and attractive. The weight of this diamond is said to be 1,174.76 carats. The diamond was discovered by the diamond company Lukara and handed over to the president on July 7.

Botswana President Mokgwetsi was very happy to find such a huge diamond and he continued to welcome diamonds to the country. The Lukara Diamond Company of Canada recovered this 1,174.76 carat diamond from the Karowe Diamond Mine. This diamond measures 77x55x33 mm. This amazing diamond is completely milky in appearance and of high quality. It is said to be the second largest diamond in the world.

This white colored diamond is in great demand around the world
This milky diamond set a record in Karove. This white colored diamond is said to be in great demand around the world. So far 17 of these diamonds have been found at Karove which are 100 carats. Of these, five are 300 carats. Previously, the third largest diamond in the world had been mined in Botswana. Debswana, the company that discovered this diamond, stated that this incredible diamond is 1,098 carats.

Earlier in the year 1905, the world’s largest diamond was found in South Africa. It was about 3,106 carats. The world’s second largest diamond, the size of a tennis ball, was discovered in 2015 in northeastern Botswana. This diamond was 1109 carats and was called Lacedi la Rona. However, now this diamond has moved to the third position.

6 of the 10 biggest diamonds in the world now come from Botswana
Company Managing Director Nasim Lahiri said: “This marks history for us and Botswana. With this discovery, Botswana became a world leader in gemstones. 6 of the 10 largest diamonds in the world are now found in Botswana. The government of Botswana has obtained great relief due to the discovery of this diamond in the midst of the Corona virus crisis. Diamond companies sell 80 percent of their diamond revenues to the government. Diamond sales have fallen dramatically due to the Corona virus crisis. This reduced the country’s income.

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