Securitas Direct signs a new collaboration to promote the professional reintegration of women at risk of exclusion

Securitas Direct signs a new collaboration to promote the professional reintegration of women at risk of exclusion

As part of the #MarzoConMdeMujer initiative, through which Securitas Direct seeks to make visible the importance of female talents and the protection of women, the company has signed a collaboration agreement with the I Want Work Foundation with the aim of contribute to the social and professional reintegration of women threatened with social exclusion, a situation which has been aggravated by the pandemic.

In this way, Securitas Direct will pay € 1 for each woman who currently works in the company (more than 3400 euros representing 41% of female talents forming part of a workforce of 8400 employees) whose aim is to help others. to find a job.

In addition, various professionals from the benchmark company in protection, experts in talent management, will collaborate on mentoring and volunteering actions with practical interviews linked to the professional environment, advice on how to cope with a selection process or prepare a CV. They will also open a dialogue through which Securitas Direct, with its strong recruitment capacity, makes its job offers available to all the women of the Foundation.

The I Want Work Foundation, which supports and prepares women in vulnerable situations for their integration into the world of work, insists on the need to continue working in this direction, because we are faced with “ a complicated scenario for women. at risk of social exclusion and that, in the midst of a pandemic, their chances of finding a professional meaning in their life have diminished, ”said Vanessa Lpez, Executive Director of the Quiero Trabajo Foundation.

For Laura Gonzalvo, Director of Communications and CSR at Securitas Direct: “ It is an alliance in which we believe that Securitas Direct has a lot to contribute: on the one hand, because of our strong commitment to female talent and, on the other hand, because of our mission to protect the most vulnerable groups ”.

#MarzoconMdeMujer: Securitas Direct’s commitment to promoting female talent

As reinforced by the March campaign with M for Women, Securitas Direct confirms its firm commitment to diversity and, in particular, female talents. Throughout the month of March, the company is carrying out various actions to make visible the road that remains to be covered in terms of gender equality, in addition to showing the extraordinary work carried out by all the professionals who are part of the team. organization and who proudly explain their protection mission under the aegis of Women Who Protect.

A campaign which, above all, is based on facts and initiatives, such as attracting talent through blind models based solely on professionalism, thus avoiding unconscious bias.

The results are reflected in your data. Currently, women represent 41% of the total workforce (8,400 professionals) and last year, out of more than 1,400 net incorporations managed by the company in 2020, 58% were women.

In addition, and aware that there are sectors of activity with less female representation, Securitas Direct has endeavored to attract women with these profiles. For example, the Junt @ s Sumamos program was born precisely from the need to integrate a greater percentage of women into the commercial structure. At the start of the project, there were only 17% women in the sales area and now they already represent 30%, which has had a positive impact on the business results.

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