Security and flexibility, two key aspects to accelerate the digital transformation of companies

Security and flexibility, two key aspects to accelerate the digital transformation of companies

Sudden adoption of remote work, experts say, has highlighted the need for increased flexibility and IT security to ensure performance and competitiveness

BY RRHHDigital, 5:30 pm – February 09, 2021

By decentralizing workstations, companies that continue to rely on on-premise infrastructure – for control, security and / or performance concerns – have seen the disadvantages suddenly outweigh the advantages of maintaining their own. infrastructure. This has accelerated the migration to cloud infrastructure solutions. According to Gartner forecasts, the IaaS market will grow by almost 30% in 2021, to reach $ 64.3 billion.

In the face of the search for IT solutions that offer flexibility and security guarantees, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud solutions continue to gain in popularity. In addition to avoiding single-vendor dependency, hybrid solutions allow you to combine cloud agility with the high level of security, performance, reliability and control offered by dedicated solutions such as the private cloud of Stackscale.

Redundancy, one of the keys to business continuity

From a security perspective, redundancy is one of the key points of infrastructure as a service. On the one hand, because large data centers (DPCs) have redundancy measures that are difficult to replicate on a smaller scale. On the other hand, because cloud service providers offer levels of network redundancy, data replication, etc. with greater guarantees.

In addition, geographic redundancy is also essential to ensure business continuity and data sustainability in all situations. Having different CPDs to geo-replicate data is an increasingly important factor in companies. In this sense, cloud providers such as Stackscale provide geo-replication of data to their customers by default, taking advantage of their presence in different data centers in Madrid and Amsterdam.

Cybersecurity still in the spotlight

Cybersecurity increases the list of business priorities. In Spain alone, according to the 2019 National Security Annual Report, the CCN-CERT detected 42,997 cybersecurity incidents in 2019, 12.58% more than the previous year and 62.42% more than in 2017. The increase in cyber attacks, coupled with a lack of tools and talents within companies are increasingly tilting the scales towards the cloud. Among other reasons, because providers have more resources to protect the infrastructure and stay up to date. Thus, having a specialized infrastructure guaranteeing maximum security and protection of data is increasingly essential.

With the potential for telecommuting to expand beyond the health crisis, managed services, cloud scalability and cybersecurity continue to gain weight among business priorities and budgets.

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