Security cameras hacked inside us: hacked 1.5 million security cameras in America, blown up Tesla data, jail, hospitals – thousands of hacked security cameras exposing Tesla prisons and hospitals

A case of a group of hackers in the United States has been hacked into the big data of the security cameras of Startup Verkada located in Silicon Valley. As a result of this hack, hackers gained access to a live feed of a lakh and a half of security cameras installed in hospitals, businesses, police departments, prisons and schools. Companies whose camera data has been leaked include automaker Tesla and software provider Cloud Flair.

Not only that, the hackers also gained access to photos of the women inside the hospital and CCTV footage from the offices of the Verkada itself. Many cameras use facial recognition technology. They have also been hacked by hackers. The hackers said they have access to the entire video archive of all Verkada customers.

Tesla’s video shows employees in Shanghai working on an assembly line. Hackers reported that they had access to 222 cameras at Tesla factories and warehouses. A hacker said this camera data was captured by a team of international hackers and the purpose was to show how large-scale video cameras are being monitored. This system is also easy to break.

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