Security should be a key element in Windows 11

It is official that there will be a new version for the Windows operating system. After almost six years with Windows 10, everything seems to indicate that the next operating system will be Windows 11. The company has already sent out invitations to the media and tomorrow the presentation event of the new operating system will be held in the company ( 5:00 p.m. CEST).

Satya Nadella himself claims to have tested this new system in recent months and says he is “excited” by the next generation of Windows.

It seems that Microsoft wants to reconcile with the developers by offering more creative opportunities. This suggests that the platform will be innovative and “open to build”, monetize and distribute applications. Now, the next question is how the security issue will occur in this new operating system after Windows 10X and its sandboxing is abandoned.

What does Microsoft expect after Windows 10?

Since the release of Windows 10 in 2015, Microsoft has tried to bring together the best of Windows 7 and Windows 8 into one operating system. As with everything, there have been detractors and supporters of the operating system. He gave us a clean office with the technology and intelligence of touch screens, but without a suitable interface.

The free operating system is something that is no longer in question. This allows users to easily upgrade to the new version without giving too much thought to the context of the decision. Windows 10 was then a viable platform for developers who wanted more modern apps and tools.

After the abandonment of Windows 10X and its possibilities with Surface Neo, we know that many functions of this operating system will reach Windows 11. It is still not excluded that Windows 11 can work with devices with screens. flexible and foldable.

Windows 10X Start Menu (via: Windows Central)

One issue that we cannot ignore is security and privacy. In recent years, we have seen how attacks have multiplied and how operating systems are fighting to keep us safe.

This makes us wonder if the new system will have integrated artificial intelligence or encryption technologies to protect our information. We know that the attacks have evolved and that a new Windows operating system must be protected, but what solutions can it bring us to this problem?

What about security and privacy?

We can’t know exactly what the next generation of Windows will bring in terms of security until the release date. However, we can elucidate some of the things that they will include. Windows 10 has been heavily criticized in terms of security but the Redmond giant has explained how it works in detail to convince the most skeptics.

In terms of security, it is rumored that Windows 10X sandboxing will be present in Windows 11, although most likely not at launch. This will allow each application to run independently without risk when running anything outside of its container. In this way, the risk is minimized, enhancing the robustness of the system.

Windows 10 already has a virtual private network or VPN built into the system so that we can protect our information while we are browsing and keep our IP anonymous. However, many claim that it is difficult to set up and has a slow connection.

However, one of the virtues of Windows is that it offers alternatives both inside and outside its operating system, allowing us to choose the most suitable. We recommend that you try the best Cyberghost VPN extension for Chrome / Edge. As you may already know, VPNs create a sort of “encrypted tunnel” through which your data will pass when you send and receive it over the internet.

And you, what are you waiting for in terms of security with Windows 11? Would you like the arrival of Windows 10X containers?

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