Sedentary work? Discover the solution to the lack of sports routine of digital nomads

Sedentary work? Discover the solution to the lack of sports routine of digital nomads

Being a digital nomad has many advantages such as not waiting for the holidays to travel, knowing each place in depth, making new friends, having unique experiences and enjoying the greatest paradises all year round. However, there are also downsides. Not seeing your loved ones or making personal connections are some of them. Among those that stand out the most according to digital nomads, it is that of finding a sports routine. It’s not easy to get to town and find the perfect gym or sport to get in shape. That is changing thanks to sports apps that let you access sports centers all over the world with just one subscription.

Digital nomads are growing and facilities for living all over the world

With the pandemic, the number of digital nomads has exploded. According to a report by MBO Partners, the number of people opting for this way of life increased by almost 50% in 2020. The profile of the digital nomad has extended to the territorial and professional levels. This concept, long known in the United States, has started to gain popularity in Europe and young freelancers – a profile of the digital nomad before the pandemic – are being joined by other professions such as digital marketers, programmers, photographers, journalists or designers

This broadening of the profile and the growth in numbers have meant that duty stations have more and more facilities. These facilities have been noticed in the creation of coworkings, places of work favored by these people, or the creation of sports applications that allow access to several centers or to try out an infinity of different sports thanks to a single subscription.

Towards a new concept of sports center

More and more centers have started to integrate coworking spaces in their facilities, because since the reopening of the centers after the containment, the needs of the users of the centers have changed. As Sonia Sala Domínguez, founder and director of FRIZZANT for Urban Sports Club, explains: “People who work remotely wanted to leave their homes and find a new place to work. socialize with other like-minded people. “

Sports centers are evolving towards a more eclectic concept that integrates services beyond physical activity. “Sports centers like Holmes Place are evolving into an integral space where you have the opportunity to take care of your body and mind. Training, diet or mental health are essential to regain balance and well-being. The flexibility of schedules and services allows you to easily combine your domestic and professional activities, ”says Juan Carlos López, Holmes Place club manager for Urban Sports Club.

Sport all over Europe with a single subscription

Precisely, from Urban Sports Club, the largest and most flexible sports network in Europe, they have seen a significant increase in registrations of people from one country to another, “since the whole issue of the pandemic has started, we saw how the consumption of sports on our online platform, but in addition we also noticed how people who, for example, have their subscription in Madrid, go to sports centers in Barcelona, ​​especially since the good weather has started, “says Liz Andrews Managing Director of Urban Sports Club Iberia. From Urban Sports Club they have noticed this movement especially in Barcelona, ​​Berlin and Lisbon, cities that coincide with some of the most chosen destinations by digital nomads.

Among the disciplines that these people usually choose, those related to the sea stand out, many of these travelers opt for seaside destinations, adventure sports being the preferred climbing or they rely on the culture of physical and mental well-being. with disciplines like Yoga.

“What is clear is that, as various studies show, the pandemic represented a before and after in the way of living and understanding sport. Exercise is essential for maintaining physical well-being and mental health and therefore our goal is to make exercise more accessible and fun, allowing people to adopt healthier habits, ”says Liz Andrews.

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