See all OneDrive news for February

As always, Microsoft announced the OneDrive news that took place during the month of February. They do this because there are so many new features that they don’t want users not to find out all that can be done with OneDrive.

New on OneDrive for February

Yesterday, Microsoft told us the news we received during the month of February on OneDrive. This serves to highlight what’s new and what’s coming soon to your cloud storage service. The highlight is the new dark theme, something that is in high demand among OneDrive users and that we can finally use. All you need to do is click on the settings icon and turn it on.

Then the summaries are another strong point. We can, at a glance, see key information about a file, including playing time. The idea is that the person who receives the file can decide how to interact with it. Of course, if the file is marked as confidential, this will not happen.

Now let’s move on to smartphones. If we are viewing a PDF from OneDrive for iOS, we can now place bookmarks. This is the key to both marking where we have stayed as items of interest. This functionality becomes relevant in those long PDFs which will allow us to examine the information. All you have to do is long press on the page and the menu will appear.

Finally, OneDrive supports version history with DWG files. DWG files are the ones generated by AutoCAD, which is great news considering its relevance. Of course, this feature will not be available on the cards we mentioned earlier.

These are the most significant new features for February, although the cards are still under development. Support for formats like DWG is essential, not all of them are used, but they are standard in your industry.

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