See: India trapped in Corona crisis, China lays arms near Lake Pangong – Watch China deploy weapons at Rutog military base near India Pangong Tso Lake

China, which had withdrawn its Finger 4-8 troops from Lake Pangong Tso in Ladakh, has extensively stored weapons and troops at its nearby military base, Rutog. It is clear from satellite images that China has not only deployed troops here, but is also rapidly upgrading its military base in Rutog. It is clear from the Chinese preparations that if he anticipates danger coming from India, he will immediately be able to send large numbers of soldiers and weapons to Lake Pangong.

Satellite images taken by The Intelligence on May 11 show that China has set up combat vehicles, stockpiles of weapons, seals and heated tents in Rutog. China has built many such barracks which are covered above so that they cannot be seen inside the satellite. Experts say China has hidden a large number of weapons inside. The Chinese military base looks quite large in the photo.

China continues to build new helipads and barracks in Aksai Chin area
On the other hand, China is also rapidly strengthening the infrastructure in the Aksai Chin region. Satellite images have revealed that China is building new helipads and barracks in the Aksai Chin area. Not only that, China has started to strengthen the infrastructure necessary for the arrival of roads and troops in the neighboring regions of India. Chinese equipment is clearly visible in the photo.

China has gathered large numbers of troops near Depsang Plain, Galvan Valley, hot springs and Pangong Lake, even after the troop withdrawal agreement with India. Not only that, China is now withdrawing from the pledge to pull the military out of Depasang’s Hot Spring Gogra post. Several rounds of talks have taken place between India and China, but they have yet to be resolved.

India’s threat ‘reduced’ but not completely eliminated: Narwane
India is also fully aware of the Chinese threat. The army chief of staff, General MM Narwane, had recently said that the withdrawal of troops from the area around Lake Pangog had “reduced” the threat to India, but not completely eradicated it. The violent clash between Indian and Chinese forces around Lake Pangong last year led to a stalemate, after which the two sides gradually deployed thousands of their troops to the area. After several rounds of military and diplomatic talks, the two sides agreed in February to completely withdraw their troops and weapons from the northern and southern parts of Pangong Lake.

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