See the latest news already available for Microsoft Teams

We talk about Microsoft Teams every day. Many times we talk but the feature is being tested or not available to everyone. However, now we have a large number of options available and we want to show you how they work.

The teams are renewed in November, discover the new features

In the month of November we have new options and, in addition to showing them in writing, we will show you the most remarkable ones in video.

First, we’ll talk about the new noise cancellation in calls using artificial intelligence. No more annoying noises, we will only listen to people. A very interesting novelty for those of you who telework.

On the other hand, we have the ability to silence whoever we want. No more interruptions during a lesson or a presentation. The presenter will be able to choose whom to allow to speak before the call gets out of hand.

Plus, custom states are coming. We can customize both the title and the duration of said status. A very comfortable way to manage notifications and the like when we’re busy.

We also have the new polls in Teams meetings. This way, we can poll our audience and manage the results using Microsoft Forms. This is very useful if we want to teach a class and make sure people follow the class.

Also, as you can see in the video, we have the option to have the meeting notes at the end and many other things. This makes Teams a must have app for telecommuting or organizing businesses.

The reality is that not everyone likes Microsoft Teams, but little by little Microsoft is tweaking this increasingly popular service every day. Gone are the contested beginnings with Slack. Now, Microsoft’s proposal has managed to clearly impose itself on all its rivals.

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