See the latest news coming to Microsoft Edge

Lately, we’re trying to bring you the latest news on some Microsoft apps and services. In addition, we supplement them with increasingly illustrative videos so that you know better how it works. Today, it’s Microsoft Edge’s turn.

Learn how to use Smart Copying, the new link management and more

On this occasion, we will highlight two functions, Smart Copy or Smart Copy, which allow us to copy formatted texts. A feature that will help us to stop transcribing text and be able to copy it comfortably with the structure already created.

Additionally, Microsoft wants to remove the complexity behind the links and simplify them. So, we’ll see what the link is about in relation to the page title. Very convenient to add it in documents, emails or anywhere you consider.

The reality is that Microsoft Edge has managed to differentiate itself from Google Chrome and give it its own style. Those of Redmond know how to make the difference with Google and take advantage of the advantages that Chromium offers.

It could be seen as a defeat for Microsoft, or a move to opt out of engine development. In return, they devote efforts to make their browser more convenient while its engine is a standard on the Web. We’ll see if they manage to retrace the market share in browsers, for now we have new options every time.

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