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Publication: Monday, April 5, 2021 11:45

It may still be several weeks before the official start of the Madrid election campaign, but the political battle has not changed one iota. In any case, it got worse. This was demonstrated on Monday by the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso. “Who polarizes, who excludes, who faces and who fanaticizes? Almost everything that has been criticized to me without measure has been subsequently copied by the central government or the European Union itself,” the candidate also asked. of the PP.

In an informative breakfast, Ayuso immersed himself in his personal battle as the antithesis of Pedro Sánchez’s executive. In the eyes of any citizen, it seems that the objective of these elections continues on the path of the pandemic: a face to face between the state and regional governments.

And these were influenced by the speech of the Madrid leader. “The citizens trust this Gallic village of resistance and passion for freedom and life”, he maintained, referring to Asterix and Obelix. “Since Pedro Sánchez has entered the campaign more times than I have, showing his obsession with personally fighting with me, I want to say one thing to him by looking him in the eye: on May 4 we will see each other at the polls.”

Madrid “will emerge earlier and faster” from the pandemic crisis

Less than a month away, there is not a minute to waste posting the messages and trying to capture the vote of the people of Madrid. Díaz Ayuso did not hesitate for a moment to continue emphasizing the model he offers. Especially in the face of attacks from other political parties.

“If Madrid is so inhuman, drunk, insecure, macho, racist, unsupportive, why are companies, workers, artists, immigrants, tourists, students, people from all over Spain and the rest of the world insist on coming here? ” the air, with a certain derision. “Madrid will come out earlier and it will emerge faster from the economic crisis derived from the coronavirus”, he synthesized.

Ayuso blamed it on the lifestyle of its citizens. “It has been a long time since we Madrileños felt so close and we were so aware of how much we love our life in Madrid,” he commented.

Against Sánchez and his accusation of “chaos”

Regarding the attack on Sánchez in recent hours, which has drawn the artillery against Ayuso, accusing it of generating “a lack of control and disorder”, the president has had her answer. “The President of the Government had the audacity to say that in the Community of Madrid, we confuse freedom and riot. Fortunately, he didn’t say debauchery. The person responsible for the lack of control in Barajas and which ended the pandemic in June of last year, He comes to tell us about a riot “.

The reason, in their eyes, is that “there is a personal obsession for Madrid and for me from Moncloa. They cannot continue to sell this image of drunken Madrid while making fun of the service sector.” Because, for Ayuso, “they lie blatantly” “They want to make Madrid an accomplice in the excesses of Moncloa”.

It was just one of the harshest brushstrokes Ayuso made throughout his speech. He has regained some of his most extreme vocabulary: the president of the Community of Madrid has harshly accused the PSOE and United We Can, although with the confluence led by Pablo Iglesias to a lesser extent.

Ayuso’s heavy artillery against all

Distributed indiscriminately. Against Gabilondo, he claimed that “those who have not been able to visit the two most innovative hospitals in the world in the fight against COVID” are handing out serious cards, referring to Ifema and Zendal, or that “he is giving homilies feminists while they have women unemployment has multiplied “.

Against United We Can, blamed his candidacy for taking to the extreme and distorting what it means by socialism. “The PSOE, Podemos and its circles took it to the extreme until it was unrecognizable by the same historical socialists: now it is a refuge for the coup plotters and the batasunos, the squatters and the Bolivarians”, he repeated.

Against the Spanish government, in particular against Minister Marlaska, he recalled that this Holy Week, the Interior brought the terrorist Txapote – “murderer of Miguel Ángel Blanco”, he pointed out – in the country’s prisons Basque, “without even having signed the letter of repentance”. “One of the greatest indignities in the history of this country,” said.

He also had words against Salvador Illa, whom he called “the former health minister who fled the pandemic after the most disastrous management ever”. “Maybe I’m not the fanatic or the polarizer,” he criticized, “because Madrid are more open than ever”.

“Are we really the ones to be feared?” Ayuso argued. << Who received the most insults; which President of the Government, in the midst of a crisis such as that caused by the pandemic, refuses to respond to repeated requests and questions; then, with all his ministers, devotes himself to the attack, from a higher administration to a regional administration, in which country does this happen? ".

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