Selecta promotes its new healthy eating business

The world of distribution is reinventing itself: Selecta promotes its new healthy food business

An innovative business model where the employee can buy a complete menu (healthy options, pieces of fruit …), take it directly from the shelf and pay it at the payment terminal, even using payment with a fingerprint

BY RRHHDigital, 04:15 – 12 March 2021

Selecta Espaa, a company offering advanced automatic catering services, recently opened a MicroMarket FOODIE’S space at EDP headquarters in Oviedo. A firm commitment to quality food, in a high-tech environment, which positions this company as a pioneer in the introduction of this exclusive and innovative service which represents an interesting value proposition for its employees in order to take care of their food. and promote healthy habits. “We are happy to be able to offer our services to an energy company like EDP, which has opted for our more sustainable and healthier premium concept to bring added value to its workers, by improving their consumption experience in their moments of rest”, explains Pablo Lojo, director of the northwest area of ​​Selecta Espaa.

More flexibility and durability

FOODIE’S MicroMarket is a self-service space for high quality, fresh and healthy products for companies, which represents a real innovation in the world of distribution and a new consumption experience for users. And it is that in this new economic model, the employee can freely buy a complete menu (healthy options, pieces of fruit …), take it directly from the shelf and pay for it at the payment terminal, even using payment with a fingerprint. . In addition, this business model has been endowed with the most sustainable variety of products in the vending market, with a very positive impact on respect for the environment.

This convenient multiple purchase option, a greater self-service assortment and better quality of the products that are accessed represent a complete revolution in the consumer experience. Without forgetting, the key factor: speed. No need to move, nor to wait in dining rooms or restaurants, thus facilitating flexibility for the employee in phase with the growing trend of teleworking and conciliation.

Thanks to the MicroMarket, the product assortment is widened, with the possibility of incorporating fresh products and fruits of the day not available in the traditional sales format.

In addition, this new rest area is an open, closed and interactive space that promotes the creation of a pleasant environment, generating moments of connection between workers.

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