Sending pages to other devices will be possible with Edge

Many times we are working on a problem and later we want to see it at home, at work or using our smartphone. Mobility is the order of the day despite the current situation. Therefore, the Edge team wants to offer us a feature already present in Chrome, “Send to device” that will send tabs to another team.

Send to device, the new option in Microsoft Edge Canary

Currently, we can sync our history and even our tabs between devices. This function seeks to send a single tab to another device, highlighting said tab over the rest.

In addition to tab syncing, we could also quickly open a tab using the QR code generator, which is great for smartphones, but not other PCs.

To do this, it is necessary to right click on a page or via the address bar using the corresponding button. A very easy way to share content with our devices in two clicks.

When we share the tab, it will appear in the other browser as a web notification and with one click it will open. This feature, discovered by Leo Varela, is available in Microsoft Edge Canary but not all users can access it because it is a phased deployment.

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