SEPE is launching more than 1,000 online training places

Social economy enterprises play an important role in job creation and in the economic system. Segn datos de la Confederacin Empresarial Espaola de la Economa Social (CEPES), estas suponen el 10% del GDP Espaol, ms de 40,000 empresas, el 12.5% ​​del empleo en Espaa y ms de 40% of the poblacin is vinculada a they. In addition, the added value of a social character of this type of company towards a more resilient society and the reduction of inequalities is indisputable.

Within this type of entity, cooperatives play an important role in job creation and economic recovery. Agro-food cooperatives, education, associated works, services, etc., all have as a common denominator the human factor and the cooperativism between members to achieve general objectives, but for all this you need a training plan continues that covers this type of entity.

In this sense, SEPE offers a list of free online courses aimed at equipping cooperatives with digital and business management skills that serve as leverage for digital recovery and transformation.

The online training available are SEPE specialties belonging to the Social Economy reference plan and are specifically designed to meet the training needs of workers and self-employed in these associative structures, in particular cooperatives.

They are carried out on a personal basis, no type of authorization from the company is therefore necessary. It is not subsidized training, so it does not consume any training credits from the company. As they are fully subsidized by the Ministry of Employment and Social Economy, they do not entail any economic cost for the people participating in the training.

Registration in more than 1000 places for online training courses is now open to workers of cooperatives, agrarian processing companies, labor companies or mutuals, among other social economy entities, to apply for their place.

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