SEPE launches more than 2,000 online course spaces

The Ministry of Labor, Migration and Social Security continues to focus in 2021 on subsidized training as a fundamental tool of the social economy, the self-employed and workers affected by an ERTE

BY RRHHDigital, 04:15 – 12 January 2021

The flexibility measures for access to training that were approved in 2020 remain in force this year, focusing on the self-employed, cooperatives and workers affected by a total or suspensive ERTE so that these groups can access all. open enrollment courses that best meet their needs, within the framework of the available training offer.

The weight of the self-employed and the social economy in job creation and, therefore, in the economy is indisputable, however, the self-employed group is severely affected by the crisis caused by the pandemic and, at the same time, workers from more than 40 sectors were affected by a temporary employment regulation file.

It is therefore at this time that the training of future groups becomes more important, since it must serve as a fundamental lever so that small businesses are better prepared and professionals better trained to face competitiveness after the pandemic.

In order to face a 2021 which covers the training needs of the different professional profiles, the training courses, training specialties of SEPE, cover areas such as marketing and advertising, construction, transport, graphics and more subjects. transversal such as finance or administrative and commercial management.

This training is 100% subsidized, does not incur any cost for the participants, does not consume training credits from companies as it is not a subsidized training and students register on a personal basis.

The consultation of available courses and applications for a place can be done from the Femxa courses site:

Autnom @ s special:

Special Social Economy:

Specific training for people affected by total or suspensive ERTE:

Workers in partial ERTE or who continue to be active also have at their disposal a subsidized training:

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