Sepla asks Air Nostrum to restore the image of the deprogrammed commander

Air Nostrum deprogrammed a commander despite having acted according to all the protocols and having made the obligatory report of the facts. • The captain has never refused boarding to the two passengers who, last Thursday, missed a flight to Zurich for having delayed their boarding more than necessary by refusing to pass the PCR controls, mandatory for trips to the Swiss country • Contrary to what the media reported on the news, passengers did not use a wheelchair due to a disability, but as part of the reduced mobility protocol for people with crutches

BY RRHH Digital, 01:19 – 02 April 2021

The Spanish Airline Pilots Union calls on Air Nostrum to rectify and restore the image of the captain who has been accused, falsely and unfairly, of denying boarding to two people for going in a wheelchair on Thursday December 25, on flight IB8782 between Madrid and Zurich.

Sepla, on behalf of the slandered commander, wishes to clarify the events that occurred during the boarding of the said flight, as they are gathered in the various reports that were sent to the company:

Just before boarding, passengers were already waiting at the door of the aircraft inside the assistance truck for people with reduced mobility (Ambulift). The wheelchair used by the two passengers was part of the airport protocol for people with reduced mobility, in this case the use of crutches. When the captain authorized the boarding of these passengers on the plane, the Ambulift had returned to the boarding gate to carry out the PCR documentary checks, as they had not been carried out initially. Once at the boarding gate, the passengers refused to carry out these mandatory checks, forcing the driver of the vehicle with reduced mobility to return to the plane. Faced with a request from one of the passengers to speak with the captain, the coordinator replied that he was performing the tasks of setting up the aircraft. The argument between one of the passengers and the ground workers increased the flight delay. Finally, the passengers agreed to go through PCR checks, for which they had to restart the service truck and return, again, to the boarding gate. The aircraft crew continued to prepare for the flight and start the engines. When the passengers with reduced mobility re-boarded the plane, the flight was already closed and the plane’s engines running. At that time, boarding was no longer possible, as all air safety protocols provide, in addition to the accumulated delay due to the attitude of one of the passengers. The commander did not participate at any time in the course of events, concentrating his actions on the tasks of the flight, which corresponds to the powers of a commander. At the request of the company, the captain sent the mandatory report on the occurrences. Despite this, he was canceled from the next scheduled flights, resulting in a loss of confidence and honor in front of his own company.

Sepla does not understand that the company’s response to these events was to grant the presumption of guilt to the captain, who at no time took part in the course of the events, and whose actions were focused on the operational tasks of the plane. In fact, the captain’s behavior has always followed airline operating procedures, which prevent passengers from boarding when the aircraft doors are closed and the engines are running. In addition, as is the case with all airlines, she sent Air Nostrum the mandatory report with a description of the events.

Sepla does not understand, however, that Air Nostrum has decided to give more credibility to the information appearing in a communication medium which also turns out to be the property of this passenger in conflict. It was the repeated refusal to submit to anti-COVID checks (mandatory for all passengers) that delayed the flight’s departure more than necessary, ultimately preventing the boarding of these two passengers.

Sepla recalls that the injured captain has been with Air Nostrum for more than 22 years, without any incident in his file. For this reason, he cannot allow his actions to be accused of discrimination, since he did not even intervene in the course of events. “It is not tolerable for a company to which you have devoted your professional career to temporarily separate you from your functions, as a sort of preventive measure based on rumors and false information, instead of the multiple reports it has. under his belt, “he said, Sepla president Scar Sanguino.

In this sense, Sepla recalls that the purpose of the reports is precisely to elucidate everything that happens around an air operation. “Air Nostrum had several reports from its own employees, which corroborated the same version. Despite this, he decided to ignore them and to retaliate against an employee with an irreproachable record, ”said the Sepla union branch of Air Nostrum. “We hope that, although the damage to his image has already been done, he can rectify and compensate this colleague who has been falsely accused of discrimination.”

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