SER closes debate in advance after Ángel Gabilondo and Mónica García leave

Publication: Friday April 23, 2021 12:21

The Cadena SER debate ended earlier than expected after three of the candidates for the presidency of the Community of Madrid left their chairs after the doubts expressed by Rocío Monasterio over the death threats received by Pablo Iglesias.

The first to abandon this debate was precisely the candidate Podemos, who was clear: “We are not going to debate with the extreme right”. At that time, Àngels Barceló tried to convince Iglesias not to leave the debate, disapproving of the attitude of the Monastery: “What we Democrats do is listen to everyone’s opinions”.

A few minutes after this march, Ángel Gabilondo and Mónica García joined this early farewell of “solidarity” with Iglesias, considering that a “red line has been crossed”.

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