Seresco includes real-time salary in its offer with Accrual

Seresco, a leading company in the Iberian Peninsula in payroll and human resources solutions, includes the possibility that the workers of client companies can have the wages earned at any time, thanks to the agreement reached with Devengo, the real-time startup .

Lack of cash is a problem for many families right now. Accumulation is a social benefit that allows workers to have greater control over their income and to collect when they need it. And this without the companies having to change their cash flow or incur additional costs.

The agreement achieves a value greater than the simple sum of its parts because Accrual features are integrated into Seresco solutions so that the benefits for employees and businesses are immediate. This union will make it possible “to lighten the administrative procedures in companies, while increasing the benefits for the employee”, according to Reyes Palomares, director of the Payroll and Human Resources department of Seresco.

Accrual, as stated by its CEO, Fernando Cabello-Astolfi, values ​​Seresco “its experience in payroll outsourcing services and a portfolio of first class clients with an exemplary level of satisfaction”.

This agreement with Accrual is a new step in the integrated offer of solutions that Seresco makes available to human resources departments. Recently, the development of a new Milena Analytics solution was announced to solve the complex information management process in personnel administration and provide analytical capability to businesses.

Seresco is a Spanish company specializing in technological solutions and the digital transformation of companies and public organizations. Founded in 1969, it has service centers in Spain, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Oviedo and Vigo. It is also present in Portugal and Latin America. The company serves over a thousand clients in the areas of personnel and payroll administration, digital transformation, mapping and cadastral, information security and infrastructure, development software and agricultural and animal innovation. He is a founding partner of AMETIC, partner of companies such as SAGE or Microsoft, and is part of the Payroll Service Alliance.

Accrual is a solution to liquidity problems that allows workers to collect on demand the part of their salary that they have already generated through an application; quickly and securely, with no commissions or interest, and without compromising your company’s administrative and cash flow processes. Devengo was founded in 2019 by Fernando Cabello-Astolfi and Alberto Molpeceres with the main aim of improving the financial health of Spanish workers. Today, thousands of workers from companies like Oh My Cut! o Sushita can instantly access her earned salary at any time and day of the week. It joined Lanzadera’s acceleration program in September 2020 and raised 2.5 million capital, becoming the best capitalized startup in the industry.

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